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 Another victim of the recession: Conde Nast, who announced Monday plans to cease publication of four magazines: Gourmet, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, and Cookie. Tweets conveying disappointment immediately sprung on the web, making the publication house the hot twoppic of the moment. @daisy17 tweets: this #gourmetmagazine news has me really down. there is nothing else like it. Conde Nast, I will pay double for my subscription.

Hot twoppic of the day is the zombie/comedy/action flick, Zombieland. The movie managed to offer a broad appeal to movie goers and easily cinched the number one slot at the box office this past weekend taking in 25 million dollars.

Ah, the city of love, baguettes,  and fashion: Paris is the hot twoppic of the week. Paris Fashion Week featured the biggest designers over the weekend - Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy, and Jean Paul Gaultier, whose collection brought back the epic cone bra. But the show that made the headlines Monday morning? Fashion house Ungaro, largely because of the new artistic director, actress and troubled youth, Lindsay Lohan. But Linds should maybe stick to her day job...the collection was widely panned by critics.

Time for your celebrity tweets on the street: Don Imus had his first show Monday on the FOX Business Network, and one of his guests?@SenJohnMcCain who tweeted Great to be back on with Don Imus again, congrats to his whole team - Bernie, Charles, and Warner!

 Those are your hot twoppics on FOX News Radio.



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