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Now is the time to start planning your Halloween costume - today is the first day of October. It may bring pumpkins, and a crisp chill to the air...but it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Twitter is being used to raise awareness. Many are tweeting links to charities and other ways to donate to help fund breast cancer research, making the month of October the hot twoppic of the moment.

Nike came under fire on Twitter after Michael Vick's agency announced that Vick had a new deal with Nike to endorse their products. Nike had signed the controversial football player back in 2001 as a rookie but dropped him after he admitted his involvement in a dogfight ring. @ LisaWeatherston was not alone in tweeting I will NEVER purchase another NIKE product ever! But Thursday, Nike said they have no contractual relationship with Vick, and Twitter users have been trying to clear up the rumors, making Nike, the hot twoppic of the day.

Hot twoppic of the week is Pepeng, the next typhoon headed to the Philippines. The region is still recovering from Typhoon Ketsana.

Now, time for your celebrity tweets on the street.

Rocker @ThisIsRobThomas is feeling good about October 1st. He tweets nice to wake up at home. the fall is coming. it's brisk and the leaves are falling. this is why i moved to new york

And say what you will about the notorious reality star, but you cant say she isn't enthusiastic. @heidimontag tweets just finished co-hosting the View! it was the best experience ever! i wish i could do this every day! Praise Jesus!!    Regular host Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be returning to the show October 19th

 Those are your hot twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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