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 Summer may be over, but everyone is craving the Wave. That is, the new Google Wave.  The hot twoppic of the moment is Google's attempt to revolutionize... email. Wednesday, the wave was released to 100,000 lucky people by invitation only.  It combines email, document-sharing and photos in one program.

Hot twoppic of the day AND  the week is Mother Nature who continues to unleash havoc in the South Pacific. First there was Typhoon Ketsana, whose death toll has surpassed 300 as it moved from the Philippines to Cambodia and Vietnam. The Philippines, trying to recover while simultaneously bracing for 2 more typhoons. Late Tuesday, a powerful underwater earthquake 120 miles south of Samoa and American Samoa caused a tsunami to hit the two islands. FOX News Radio's Lesley Yeomans has more. Right now, the death toll is over 100. Then Wednesday, at least 75 people have been killed and thousands more trapped under flattened buildings in a powerful earthquake off Sumatra island.

@AventineHill tweets: I think we should all stop for a moment and say a prayer for the people of Samoa and Indonesia & all disaster victims.

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