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One word: Britney. Tuesday morning, Britney Spears released her new single entitled "3." The song will appear on her upcoming greatest-hits album, The Singles Collection, due out in November. Always one to stir up some controversy, the single is about loving three people at the same time...the interpretation up to the listener, and reteams Brit Brit with famed Swedish hit maker Max Martin, the man behind her debut smash " Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Hot twoppic of the day?#lab09, which refers to the British Labour party's annual conference currently happening in the United Kingdom.  Twitterers are  using #lab09 to group tweets from the conference. But also to tweet reactions to the politicians. A current Labour Member of Parliament John Prescott has been adamant that politicians need to utilize twitter to win the next election in a move he labeled "Tweet for victory." He wants to use twitter as a way to counteract unfavorable or misleading media.  

Hot twoppic of the week is the Philippines. Typhoon Ketsana hit on Saturday flooding  almost 2 million homes.  On Tuesday, the death  toll from floods in the northern Philippines rose to at least 284 dead or missing.

 Now, time for your celebrity tweets on the street. @tyrabanks tweets I just pledged $ to philippines. Would luv for u to help too. Even $1 helps. Yep. Just $1. Much as itunes song. Actually less now...TyTy
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