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Today, Twoppics presents "For your con'twitter'ation", designed to offer tips to make your twittering more efficient.

There are many websites with twitter tools, but a site that is especially helpful is

A new study shiows taht 40% of all tweets on twitter are spam. TidyTweet helps keep your Twitter feed free from inappropriate language, users, and content. It works behind the scenes to  prevent unwanted surprises from showing up on your website. After creating an account and setting up a feed,  you can approve Tweets manually or automatically, and create a customized word filter to avoid annoying - or embarrassing - situations. It helps control span and is especially useful for those who use Twitter a business tool or connect it with a blog feed. The pricing is still being worked out, but there will be a free option for personal twitter accounts.

Another fun and useful sight is  This site can be useful if you have some celebrities you are following and want to know the best time to tweet or direct message them in hopes of getting a response. You enter a username and will tell you the best time to twitter that user each day of the week.

Those are your hot twoppics, on FOX News Radio.

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