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The hot twoppic of the moment brings some news of a significant progress in the fight against AIDS. For the first time, an experimental vaccine has prevented infection with the AIDS virus. The vaccine prevents the virus in about 31% of cases, instilling  new hope in the field of HIV vaccine research.

FOX's new series "#Glee" is your hot twoppic of the day! The fourth episode of season 1 aired Wednesday night and Thursday morning the fans were talking.  It's easy to see why the show is such a hit -- it has plot twist and turns, and most importantly, catchy song and dance numbers. Last night's episode highlight? The high school football team doing Beyonce's "Single ladies" dance to win the game.

@rica109 tweets loved the #GLEE Footballers dance last night. Seriously one of my favorite new shows of the season

As if the iPhone needed to get any cooler....the bionic eye, a new iPhone application, is your hot twoppic of the week. Here's how it works: A person can scan with of the camera of the iPhone across a cityscape and live video comes in, showing on the screen where things are. It overlays floating signs for things like subway stations and other points of interest like fast-food joints. The signs appear to be hanging in space, pinned in place accuarately by the compass and GPS. So if you are lost and just want a coffee, you can hold up your iPhone, and it will tell you exactly where you can find a grande skim latte.

Those are your hot twoppics, on FOX News Radio.

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