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#ThankyouGL, a tribute to the soap opera Guiding Light. GL ends it 72 year run on daytime television today. On Oct. 5, CBS will fill  Guiding Light's time slot with a new edition of the game show "Let's Make a Deal, " hosted by Wayne Brady.

@ azkomet tweets Wating with sadness to watch the curtain come down and the light go off #ThankYouGL #ThankYouGL #ThankYouGL

Your hot twoppic the day and week is #IranElection. The election took place on June 13th, but the topic has lingered. The chaos that followed the election caused a cyber revolution of sorts, and emboldened the youth of Iran to communicate to the world using twitter. Today #iranelection sprung  back into twitter's popularity when tens of thousands of Iranians took to the street to protest against Israel but also against Iran's government. Some Iranians have been tweeting minute by minute updates, posting videos and photos of rallys and protests on twitter.

Now time for your celebrity tweets on the street:

Everyone's favorite Real Housewife of Atlanta @neneleakes tweets My good news 2 u! @ryanseacreast PERSONALLY called me & asked me 2 host the Emmy's red carpet live with him Sunday!

Meanwhile, @RyanSeacrest tweets from his radio show: Talking to taylor swift in an hour...what u want to know??? We love her!!

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