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Well, lots of viewers have missed Jim and the rest of the workers at Dunder-Mifflin. Luckily, "The Office" is back for the sixth season premiering tonight. Viewers can pick up where they left off anticipating Jim and Pam's wedding and possibly a baby.

From the moment Kanye took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, it became an early Christmas for the world of internet parodies. Your hot twoppic of the day comes from Ashton Kutcher, who is one of the most popular celebrities on twitter. @aplusk tweeted the joke: BREAKING NEWS... Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayzes funeral 2 let every1 know Michael Jacksons death was better <-text I just got. Some were offended by the tweet and some though the tweet was pretty hilarious. In the end, it was retweeted so much that both Patrick Swayzes and Kanye West were made trending topics, again.

Hot twoppic of the week is #whatnottowear, a trend started by the popular show on TLC, which take fashion-challenged contestants and picks apart their wardrobe. Then the person is given style tips and sent shopping with $5,000. Twitter users have started tweeting tips on what people should never wear, making a compilation of fashion faux-pas.

@dinregina tweets #whatnottowear mom jeans. No explanation necessary.

@FashionDiva01 tweets #whatnottowear fur boots wit a skirt. make up your mind. is it cold or hot??

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