He was confident, he was confrontational and he has played his last card and now its your move Republicans...Americans....President can do another major speech on heath care at least not a prime time presser did that at least not an address to joint session of congress did that...

Thought it interesting that he cited John McCain and Senator Hatch for working with Ted Kennedy in his and his life wondering why he didn't do the same with McCain..this past spring

Unless he picks up the phone and talks to RNC leadership this is going to be one long and fruitless fall debate
I know Sen Gregg said he has the votes already I just dont think it swill be going forward if not one
conservative takes part..

It was wrong for Congressman Wilson to shout out but he now is becoming the story and that must scare both parties.

Loved Sen Gregg and he made news by saying he thinks the Dems have the votes to get this done...they cxan go it alone and many in 2 years will end up home