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What's hot this very minute?

President Obama who sent twitter abuzz after his controversial speech today to the nation's schoolchildren. Some schools struggled with how to handle what had become a politically sensitive event with concerns that the president was injecting politics into local education.  In the speech, President Obama encouraged  students  to use school as a way to succeed despite their background.

Your hot twoppic of the day is the Beatles. For a band that broke up 40 years ago, they sure have a lot going on. Twitter has made Wednesday the unofficial Beatles day because digitally remastered editions of the Beatles 14 studio albums will be rereleased. The same day is when the highly anticipated  "Beatles: Rock Band" video game will hit stores.

Hot twoppic of the week is Jay-Z. After his new album Blueprint 3  was leaked last week, Jay-Z changed then release date from Friday Sept 11th, to today.

Time for Celebrity tweets on the street:

Late night talk show host comedian Jimmy Fallon apparently got an advanced copy of the new Rock Band game. @ jimmyfallon tweets Playing Beatles Rock Band in the office. I'm the walrus.

Supermodel @MsSelitaEbanks tweeted Ill be @ the US open tonite to support my bff @serenajwilliams! I promised her I wouldn't embarrass her! Lol I'm so excited.

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