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Chris Brown's interview with Larry King which aired Wednesday night didn't win him many fans.

But it was not just his answers that were the target of tweets. #chrisbrownsbowtie is the hot twoppic of the moment, addressing his wardrobe choice for his first interview since the very public assault of  then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. The court of public opinion was less than impressed with the powder blue sweater and bow tie ensemble, many deeming the jovial outfit inappropriate.

@EnviedDesigns tweeted #ChrisBrownsBowTie I thought he looked rediculous. Reminded me of Pee-Wee.

Your hot twoppic of the day: Ben & Jerry's ice cream. FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes has more.

Hot twoppic of the week is Labor Day, an American and Canadian holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday of every September. Many have the day off  work and are tweeting about how they will enjoy the long weekend.

Those are your hot twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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