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Sound familiar? Who doesn't remember watching the show Reading Rainbow, famous for teaching children the joy and adventure of a good book. But after a 26-year run and over 2 dozen Emmys, the iconic show comes to an  end today, due to a lack of funding.

Your hot twoppic of the day: Dual Screen Laptops to satisfy the on-the-go multi tasker in all of us. The technology firm gScreen introduced their pioneering PC dubbed the Spacebook.  The laptop will have two 15.4 inch screens which can slide away to fill the space of a single screen when the laptop is being  transported. The first Spacebooks should be available on by December for a mere $3,000.

Hot twoppic of the week is Denver Bronco's wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Throughout the preseason Marshall has made it clear to his team that he wants to be traded. At Wednesdays practice he drew national attention through his unsportsmanlike behavior and his acknowledgment that he has not learned Coach Josh McDaniel's playbook.  Talking to ESPN Thursday. Well, that fresh start will have to wait. This morning, the Broncos announced that they have suspended Marshall indefinitely for "detrimental" conduct.

Time for your Celebrity tweets on the street: Singer, songwriter, and tabloid fixture @johncmayer tweets Adding songs to the "done pile" one after another. Bittersweet. The end of my experience is the beginning of yours.

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