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Ted Kennedy remembered. Yesterday, it was a solemn night at Fenway Park as the Boston Red Sox paid tribute to the Senator before the game. Some people gathered in Hyannis, MA to  remember the lion of the Senate. Kennedy will lie in repose Thursday and Friday at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. President Obama will deliver the eulogy at his funeral on Saturday, then Ted Kennedy will be buried Saturday near his brothers Bobby and President John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery.

Your hot twoppic of the day is the H1N1 virus. The summer is winding down and kids are headed back to school, but there is one more reason to have the back to school blues - the Swine flu virus threatens to reemerge in the fall a potentially different and more dangerous strain. Schools typically spread disease easily, and many parents are concerned for their children. The vaccine is still in testing, and the hope is to get it before the virus pops up again. Meantime,  most schools and hospitals are getting a plan in place, so that they are prepared if the virus comes back.

Your hot twoppic of the week is Apple's new operating system for the Mac, the Snow Leopard. The highly anticipated system will be released tomorrow, Aug 28th. All week twitter has been chirping with anticipation for the system, and tweets announcing preorders.

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