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Michael Jackson's doctor.

Just yesterday Dr. Conrad Murray released a tape on YouTube thanking his supporters for their letters and messages of encouragement.

Today, a law enforcement source told that Dr. Murray  will be charged with manslaughter within the next two weeks.

Conrad Murray was with Jackson when he died.

Twoppic of the day is Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank. At town hall meetings around the country, most lawmakers have found themselves in front of an angry group of constituents, and tried to avoid confrontation. Not Barney Frank. Last night as Frank took on disgruntled citizens at a Town Hall meeting, he held nothing back.

This woman found herself humbled after referring to President Obama's heath care reform as a "Nazi policy."

Despite the disruptions, the meeting covered many of the issues of the health care debate.  Frank shot down rumors that a House health care bill would mandate free insurance coverage for illegal immigrants. But even when he answered the questions it was difficult to get much accomplished. Twitter was filled with support for Barney Frank and his, well, Frankness.

Hot twoppic of the week? Offensive Blogger. Fashion model Liskula Cohen sued Google to reveal the identity of a blogger who referred to her in derogatory terms. The blogger's lawyer argued that these comments are his opinions, but Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden decided  Cohen is entitled to sue the blogger for defamation. Google will have to reveal the identity of the blogger, which sets a precedent for what can be said safely in the anonymity of the internet.

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