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We all remember when Brett Favre retired for the first time, from the Green Bay Packers. Then he signed with the Jets and after one season with them, retired again. Well, now Favre appears ready for round three. A high-level source with the Minnesota Vikings tells WCCO-TV that the quarterback is expected to sign with the Vikes today for around 12 million dollars for one year. Twitter cannot stop buzzing.

Hot twoppic of the day is HURRICANE BILL, who is being tracked as a major hurricane. Over the next 48 hours Bill is expected to head toward the U.S. East Coast, mainly at the Carolinas and the Northeast. Bill could still take a harmless turn towards the sea, but the storm's progress will be closely monitored over the next few days.

The hot twoppic of the week is sci-fi film District 9. Hot on twitter since it opened last week, the film took the number 1 slot at the weekend box office with an estimated $37 million in ticket sales. The social satire is about a spacecraft that stalls over Johannesburg. The film was surprisingly low budget, costing only $30 million to make. Coming in second was action flick "G.I. Joe" with $22.5 million in ticket sales. "The Time Traveler's Wife," ' finished third with a disappointing $19 million.

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