What's hot this very minute?

Radiohead. Tweets with THESE ARE MY TWISTED WORDS, refer to a  brand new song the band has made available for free download on their website.

Dancing with the Stars just announced their new cast for the upcoming season, making your hot twoppic of the day... TOM DELAY.  Yes, the former Republican House Majority Leader will put on some dancing shoes and maybe a sequin or two to join the likes of Donny Osmond, and former supermodel Kathy Ireland when they begin season nine next week.

Your hot twoppic of the week is the fastest man in the world, USAIN BOLT

At the World Track Championships on Sunday, Bolt shattered his own world record for the 100 meter sprint, shaving .11 seconds off the 9.69 seconds he ran at the Beijing Olympics.

@joshspickler says Usain Bolt's got a sweet gig. What if I could complete my day's work in 9.58 seconds and be the talk of the town?

And now, the celebrity tweets on the street:

Larry King wants you! @kingsthings says my man REGIS is on tonight! i want to ask him your twitter questions... so tweet away!

@ adamlambert says in NYC to record song with MAX MARTIN!!! Soo excited. This album is getting so great!!

Those are your hot twoppics on fox news radio.

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