Ohio Police Dispatcher Sends Racist Email

A North Canton, Ohio police dispatcher thought this was so funny she couldn’t contain herself and just had to resend what she deemed an hilarious image of Air Force One. (h/t Think Progress)

In the message sent to an unknown number of recipients from a North Canton Police email address…Dispatcher Anita Malachowski forwards the message


“New “Air Force One” Tail Number and yes, please forgive me, I’m really sorry, I really, really tried not to laugh, but …………………..!”


The message is sent along with a Photoshopped image of Air Force One with the “N-number” or tail number spelled out as NI66ER.


Ohio Daily, which broke the story, Malachowski forwarded the email which was part of a chain already in motion.

Malachowski received the email as part of a larger email blast sent by Uniontown Police Dispatcher Holli Webb.


While on the clock.

At the police department.

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