A new USA TODAY/Gallup poll finds that more than half of Americans polled want major health care reform enacted THIS year.

But they don't want the cost.

Well, sorry. There are no rights without responsibilities. And to be honest, health care isn't a right in the first place.

But this is where America has gone wrong. We want everything under the sun...so long as the other guy pays for it.

Want something beyond your grasp? Our answer today? Soak the rich. They have enough money...they have TOO much money. They can't POSSIBLY spend that kind of money, so I guess YOU should be entitled to it! YOU take the money that THEY earned!

This is not the American way. This is NOT what made us the greatest country on God's green earth.

We need more self reliance in America. We need more people lifting than leaning.

And we need to have more people look at what the government is doing already and asking, honestly and with a straight face, if we want that same government running our healthcare.