I grew up in the South where my mother frequently reminded me that the more skin you show, the more likely you are to get into trouble. There are two kinds of people in the world, she explained, those who get naked and those who get nekkid.

You get naked to take a shower. But if you get nekkid, you end up on the church prayer list.

All of that leads me to a rather unusual event in downtown Eugene, Oregon over the weekend. For those of you unable to attend, they hosted a group of naked bicyclists. About 50 folks dropped their pants, ripped off their tops and rode through downtown butt-naked. They said it had something to do with protesting the nation's energy dependence.

It was part of the Southern Hemisphere World Naked Bike Ride. I don't think it got much traction, though. I checked with my Uncle Jerry who lives in Mississippi. There were no reports of bare-bottomed bikers in the Magnolia state. "Would've been pretty risky business," he said. "What with all the chiggers and ticks down here."

He had a point. Biking is a dangerous sport. As a little boy, I was always getting my pants-leg caught in the chain of my Schwinn. I shudder to imagine some of the things that might have been snagged in Eugene. And that doesn't even take into account the chafing. Sweet mercy!


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