As top Democratic strategists continue their assault on Rush Limbaugh, they've decided to deploy a new tactic -- erecting a billboard to taunt the nation's most popular talk radio host.

The Democratic National Committee is inviting people to send in their suggestions for a slogan that will appear on the billboard -- set to be erected near Limbaugh's home in West Palm Beach, Fla.

This may very well be the first time a political party has attacked a private citizen and radio entertainer -- at least in recent memory.

Perhaps some enterprising American will erect a billboard directed at the DNC. Anyone want to suggest a slogan?

-- The attack on Rush came from critics who twisted a comment he made about wanting President Obama's policies to fail in the middle of a serious recession. Some liberals accused him of wanting President Obama to fail.

Well, it so happens that in 2006 Fox News conducted a poll and found that 51 percent of Democrats and 34 percent of Independents did not want President Bush to succeed -- even though our nation was at war.Hmm.

Your thoughts?


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