So a Democrat, a Republican and President Obama walk into a bar...

You might want to think twice before making President Obama the butt of a joke. That's the message people are learning around the country.  Consider the plight of three suburban New York police officers. They were suspended for postings they made on their personal Facebook pages.

One detective had the nerve to make watermelon and fried chicken jokes about President Obama -- leading to his punishment.

The mayor of Los Alamitos, Calif. is resigning after he came under fire for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the  White House lawn covered with watermelons. The title of the photo? "No Easter egg hunt this year." Mayor Dean Grose apologized and said he was not aware that watermelons were a racist stereotype.

And then there's the case of a New York baker who came under fire for whipping up a batch of cookies in honor of the president. He called the cookies "Drunken Negro Heads." The baker said the cookies were meant as a tribute to the president and can't understand why folks are all upset.

What was that guy thinking?

Back in the old days, folks would voice their objection by purchasing their muffins at another bakery. But in this new era of hope and change the baker is facing weekly marches, a boycott, and death threats. He also received a visit from the Secret Service -- who wanted to ask him some questions. And a New York state lawmaker demanded the baker attend diversity and sensitivity classes.

It's just not kosher to make fun of or attack the new president -- as evidenced in an Associated Press story about how comedians are having a difficult time making jokes about Obama.According to the Center for Media and Culture, there was evidence comedians pulled punches during the presidential campaign. The president was the subject of around 58 jokes on the major late-night comedy shows. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was the butt of 283 jokes and Sen. John McCain had 245.

Your thoughts?