George Mason University's Miss is a Mister.

Drag Queen Ryan Allen was named the school's 2009 Homecoming Queen. He strutted his stuff at halftime of a recent basketball game in size 12 pumps. And from all indications, he worked that tiara.

Mr. Allen apparently garnered more votes than the two contestants who actually had working female parts. He won a qualifying pageant for the contest by performing a Britney Spears' song wearing a silver bra and zebra-print pants.

However, his selection generated some controversy among students. Some said their homecoming drag queen was an embarrasment to the school. But university officials are just as pleased as pie and supporters said it's a sign of the university's diversity and inclusivness. 

And why wouldn't they be proud of young men wearing zebra-print pants who lip-synch Britney Spears' tunes? Besides, there's no rule at  George Mason that says Mr. and Miss Mason need to be a mister or a miss.

I do have one question, though -- about the homecoming dance between Mr. and Miss Mason -- who led?


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