The crucifix is under fire -- in of all places -- a Catholic college.

Faculty members at Boston College are in an uproar because school officials placed crucifixes in every classroom. They also put up Christian-themed artwork around campus. The students seem to appreciate the additions, but some faculty are protesting.

The Associated Press reported that one professor accused the school of being "insensitive" to people of other faiths. And get this -- another intellectual said the crucifix ran "contrary to the letter and spirit of open intellectual discourse."

So you can only have open intellectual discourse if you supress religious thought?

You might remember that Pope Benedict called on American Catholic educators to make sure all their students get a solid dose of Catholic doctrine.And what's so wrong about a private, Christian college putting up crucifixes?

Anti-religious intellectuals have already made their mark in the nation's public universities and colleges.  I wonder if the Boston College incident is the first step at trying to expel religion from religious schools?


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