A 200-pound potty-trained chimp went on a rampage and mauled a woman in Connecticut. Travis the Chimp was eventually shot and killed by cops. It turns out the chimpanzee was a tv star -- featured in commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola. Experts suspect the chimp may have been on medication for an illness and went nuts.

The victim was a friend of the chimp's owner. The animal attacked her when she got out of a car. The Associated Press reported the woman is in very serious condition. The chimp then injured to police officers -- who opened fire and ended the melee.The chimp apparently had a troubled past -- including an incident in 2003 where he escaped from a car in downtown Stamford.

The chimp's owner said he was toilet trained, dressed himself, and was known to drink wine from a stemmed glass.

So let me get this straight -- they let a wild beast roam around Stamford in a car? We're talking about a 200-pound chimpanzee folks, not a gerbil.