So I'm back to traveling with President-elect Obama and it's great catching up with old friends in the press corps. I'm writing this entry in the north hallway of Philadelphia's 30th Street Amtrak Station.

This is the starting point for his Whistle-Stop Tour. We'll be making stops in Wilmington, DE, Baltimore, MD and finally -- the nation's capital.

One of the great things about traveling with folks who eat arugula and enjoy fine dining -- is our accomodations. Let's just say I'm not hanging out with the Motel 6 crowd. And that's been a change for me -- because I'm a Motel 6 kind of guy.

And that brings me to comment about my stay last night at the Westin Hotel in downtown Philly. This is one swanky hotel. From the pillows filled with goose feathers to the flat-screen HD television, the staff at the Westin treated me like I was some sort of celebrity.

I was a bit perplexed, though, by the toiletries. They provided a shampoo called, "White Tea Aloe." Now, I consider myself to be a man of the world -- but I've never heard of White Tea Aloe. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to drink it or pour it on my head. The instructions said something about adding milk and cream for added luster.

Since I left my bottle of Pert in New York, I had no choice but to lather up with the liquid tea. Sure enough, I did notice that my hair had an unusual bounce to it this morning. And several staff members complimented me on my "new look."

How about that!

I'm not a big fan of the white tea, but I wonder if a bag of Lipton's will accomplish the same look. Hmm.