Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said California is on the verge of going belly-up. The state is facing a $41 billion deficit and now folks are beginning to cast the blame.

Jim Gilchrist, of the Minuteman Project, suggested that illegal immigrants are partly to blame for the problem.

"There are seven million illegal immigrants living in California," he said. "And they are costing us more than an arm and a leg." According to his numbers, illegals represent 20 percent of California's population and are costing the state $27 billion.

Illegals are not on the books and they do not pay payroll taxes. Taxpayers are also forced to pick up the tab on health care for illegals.

Gilchrist said his state is not the only one suffering at the hands of people who came to this country illegally -- citing economic challenges in Rhode Island, Michigan, Texas and Mississippi.

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