Florida Gulf Coast University is giving in to political correctness and banning Christmas decorations. No Santa Claus, no reindeer, and certainly no Nativity scenes.

University president Wilson Bradshaw explained why he outlawed Christmas decorations in a memorandum to students and faculty. It reads in part:

"Public institutions, including FGCU, often struggle with how best to observe the season in ways that honor and respect all traditions. This is a challenging issue each year at FGCU, and 2008 is no exception. While it may appear at times that a vocal majority of opinion is the only view that is held, this is not always the case."

Dr. Bradshaw said his ban was not an attempt to supress expression of the holiday spirit. On the contrary, it was a successful attempt to supress expression of the holiday spirit.

I suspect this doesn't have as much to do with Santa as it does the true meaning of Christmas.

Your thoughts?

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