The experts have figured out why American kids are fat -- fast food ads.

There's a new study in the Journal of Law and Economics and according to the Associated Press, the study suggested that banning fast food ads on television could reduce the number of overweight children.

Isn't that the point of television commercials -- to entice people to buy Whoppers and Quarter Pounders with Cheese?

It's like blaming Toyota for producing a well-crafted commercial that results in you owning a shiny news sports car.

There is certainly an obesity problem in this country but I don't think Mayor McCheese should be blamed for your kids looking like Jabba the Hut.

So who is to blame?

In no particular order -- here are my reasons why children are obese:

1. Kids stuff their faces with Big Macs and HoHos. 2. Parents let their kids eat too many Big Macs and Ho-Hos. 3. Kids would rather play video games than go outside for some fresh air. 4. Parents let their kids play video games rather than go outside for some fresh air.

Perhaps I can offer some politically incorrect advice to the nation's moms and dads. It's time for you to start acting like parents. Start paying attention to what your kids are eating. Burger King is not to blame and neither is the government. If your kid is fat -- toss out his Twinkies and give him a piece of lettuce.

Just remember -- you are the parent and they are the child. As Bill Cosby once said -- you brought them into the world and you can take them out.