A major American newspaper published a major article on an African-American church that was burned to the ground on Election Day. Police indicated the fire was an arson but at this point it's unclear whether the crime had anything to do with the election of the nation's first African-American president. That being said, this major American newspaper allocated a half page to the story -- including a moving photograph of the charred remains of the church.

Last week, as many as a dozen predominantly white churches were vandalized in northern California. Packets of suspicious white powders were mailed to Mormon temples in other states. There was no doubt the culprits were supporters of gay marriage -- angry that California voters chose to ban same-sex unions. Parishoners at churches across the state were subjected to humiliating protests and disruptions to their worship services.

And in Salt Lake City -- at least eight churches were under seige by these out-of-control supporters of gay marriage. Vandals spray painted terribly vulgar epithets on the buildings.

Oddly enough, the same major American newspaper that covered the single instance of a church burning on election night, failed to cover any of the weekend attacks in California or Utah.

Vandalizing or burning any church, black or white, is a crime beyond comprehension and it certainly warrants news coverage. And when a major American newspaper fails to write so much as a paragraph about nearly 20 churches attacked by pro-gay marriage activists -- it begs the question -- WHY?