Activists in California are going after average Americans who oppose same sex marriage. They are using public information to track down any person who gave money to support California's Proposition 8. In a sense, these activists are creating what Time Magazine called an enemy's list. This should be a disturbing trend regardless of your political or sexual leanings.

Consider the following:

1. Thugs attacked an elderly woman who opposes gay marriage. Phyllis Burgess, 69, was marching with a styrofoam cross when she was surrounded and assaulted. Her cross was ripped from her hands and destroyed. And they spit on her. These activists spit on an elderly woman involved in a peaceful demonstration. The incident was videotaped and posted on YouTube.

2. Scott Eckern was forced to resign his position as artistic director of Sacramento's oldest performing arts company. He was facing a massive boycott from gay and lesbian artists -- including the composer of "Hairspray." Mr. Eckern's crime? He donated $1,000 to the campaign to ban same-sex marriage. Mr. Eckern did so as a private individual and as a practicing Mormon.

He was exposed after activists scoured records in search of those who opposed their cause and "outed" people they consider the enemy.

Mr. Eckern worked for the theatre company for 25 years. He offered an online apology.

"I honestly had no idea that this would be the reaction," Eckern wrote. "I chose to act upon my belief that the traditional definition of marriage should be preserved. I support each individual to have rights and access and I understand that in California, domestic partnerships come with the same rights that come with marriage."

3. And then there's the story of a manager of the El Coyote Mexican Cafe in Los Angeles. She gave $100 to the campaign to ban same-sex marriage. Now the restaurant has been the target of attacks, loud protests and angry demonstrations. The LA Times reported that the protests became so outrageous, police armed themselves with riot gear. The manager, reduced to tears, was forced to flee the city.

4. Saddleback Community Church and other congregations have also been attacked by angry demonstrations -- their worship services disrupted. Some churches have been vandalized and Christians have been intimidated.

Should Americans be alarmed that these activists are using public records to go after average Americans who simply believe that marriage should be an act between a man and a woman? And where is the national outrage? Where are the nation's political leaders demanding an end to these attacks? And where is the outrage among the nation's journalists?

Or could it be that those who preach tolerance are themselves intolerant?