The New York Times says that anyone who does not support gay marriage is a bigot. The nation's "newspaper of record' made that stunning assertion on its editorial page -- outraged that California voters approved Proposition Eight -- a measure that bans same sex marriages.

The newspaper bashed Christians, Southerners, and heteorsexuals in one fell swoop.

"The most notable defeat for fairness was in California, where right-wing forces led by the Mormon Church poured tens of millions of dolalrs into the campaign for Proposition 8 - a measure to enshrine bigotry in the state's Constitution by preventing people of the same sex from marrying."

The "bigots" and "right-wing" crowd would be Christians. I've done a bit of research and I've yet to find an editorial from The New York Times condemning California's schools for using public tax dollars to indoctrinate children with a pro-gay agenda. The most recent example being the school that took children to a lesbian wedding.

And the paper conveniently forgot to mention the tens of millions of dollars spent by the pro-homosexual lobby -- including Apple and Hollywood.

The New York Times also insulted folks from Arkansas. They passed a law banning gay couples from adopting children. The paper called the ruling "backward" -- a buzz word for redneck.

Regardless, the people in California, Arizona and Florida have spoken -- at least until an activist court decides otherwise.

Whether you support gay marriage or not is no reason for a supposedly "objective" newspaper to insult people on either side of the issue.