In recent days, we've had a few moments when Senator Obama speaks "off teleprompter." You may not be aware, but every single campaign event is a careful scripted, theatrical production. And Senator Obama never speaks without the assistance of teleprompters. Sometimes, though, he will ad-lib. And that's led to a few TV Land gaffes.

A few days ago, he was illustrating an attack on Republicans by referencing Sanford and Son. You might recall whenever Fred Sanford became despondent he would feign a heart attack. Fred would clutch his chest and shout, "I'm coming Elizabeth..." Well, Obama said, "I'm coming Weezie." He apparently mixed up Sanford and Son with The Jeffersons.

Today in Columbus, Ohio, we had another gaffe. He was calling John McCain a sidekick -- comparing President Bush and McCain to the Green Lantern and Kato. He picked the wrong green superhero. I believe he meant the Green Hornet.

Anway, back to lunch -- we're having arugula.