Friends, the folks in the San Francisco are at it again. It's been almost a decade since the school board banned the Boy Scouts from public school buildings and it's been two years since they voted to phase out the JROTC.

The reason? Both American institutions are homophobic, according to San Francisco's elected officials.

Now, comes word that a group of Bay Area parents are fighting back and next Tuesday voters will have a chance to approve a pro-JROTC measure called Prop V. It's a non-binding resolution calling on the school board to reconsider their assault on teenagers who are pursuing careers in the military.

In retaliation, the school board has approved an alternative plan --- hoping it will undermine next week's vote.

I'm a bit confused. What are the Boy Scouts and JROTC dangerous? The school throws out a welcome mat to gay clubs -- but young people who want to serve others and protect our nation are shown the door.

Is that really the American way? And even more alarming --- will San Francisco's way become the American way?