It's not a crime to hang a Republican Vice Presidential candidate in effigy in West Hollywood, Calif. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. says there's nothing they can do about a man who displayed a likeness of Gov. Sarah Palin hanging from a noose on the outside of his home.

The mannequin features the governor's signature hairdo, glasses and a red coat. Senator John McCain is also part of the display. His image is surrounded by fire.

Chad Michael Morrisett said his display is nothing more than Halloween art work. The LA County Sheriff's Department agrees. It's not hate speech, said spokesman Steve Whitmore. But get this --- he told the LA Times that it might have been a different story if Mr. Morrisett had made a Barack Obama-like doll. He said authorities would have to "evaluate it independently." Uh, huh.

"Now, if there was a crime against bad taste," he told the LA Times.

The McCain campaign has come under fire in recent days under allegations their supporters have uttered hateful things at rallies. In each instance the candidate called down the hecklers and told them there was no place for such talk at their rallies.

But that part of the story didn't get much coverage among the media elites. And now, we've got a supporter of Senator Obama hanging an image of Gov. Palin from a noose.

Where is the outrage in the national media? Where is the outrage from groups like the NAACP and SCLC? Where is the outrage from the National Organization for Women? Do they not have the courage to muster just an ounce of anger that a female vice presidential candidate was disparaged in such a gross and vile manner? Their silence, my friends, should be just as much an outrage.