I think something crawled up inside the Obama campaign jetliner and died. That's the only plausable explanation for the smell coming from the lavatories.

The atmospheric conditions on board the airplane dubbed, "O-Force One" are getting worse by the moment -- but it's not the Obama campaign's fault. I think it might have something to do with the dietary habits of the media. Our living quarters on board the plane resemble a locker room with wings. Journalists are not exactly neat freaks. One look at the rear and the plane will affirm that bit of news. It's jam-packed with cameras, boom mics, luggage, newspapers, a full-sized Sponge-Bob, and a cardboard cop.

It's our home away from home and it can get pretty crazy once we hit 30,000 feet. They've taken down the disco ball, but the photogs crank up the stereo system, people congregate in the aisles -- it's just one big party in the sky.

As for the smell -- well -- I'm just glad I packed an emergency can of Febreeze in my carry-on luggage.