If you don't believe the nation is embroiled in class warfare, look no further than Joe Wurzelbacher -- best known to the country as Joe the Plumber. He's currently the victim of swift boat attacks by bloggers and media elitists. Joe's lone crime? He dared to ask a question.

Joe was hanging out in Holland, Ohio with his 13 year old son when Senator Barack Obama dropped by. The senator came over, shook his hand and that's when Joe asked the question about Obama's economic plan.

The senator replied and uttered a line that was rehashed during the last presidential debate. He suggested it was good to spread the wealth. Joe disagreed with that approach and that was all the bloggers and media elites needed to hear. The witch hunt is well under way.

We now understand that Joe owes some back taxes, that he's not a licensed plumber, and he really doesn't own a plumbing business. For the record, the state of Ohio said he may not know he owed the taxes. As for his license, he doesn't need one since he's working for a licensed company. As for the business -- he didn't say he owned a plumbing business -- he said he aspired to own one.

One online publication wants to know what else Joe may be hiding. Who cares? And why is it any of our business? Are we supposed to start doing background checks on every person who asks Barack Obama and John McCain questions? The poor guy has been hounded by reporters, photographers and political operatives -- trying to crack the case.

It's no wonder so many people hold us journalists in no esteem. Of course, if anyone can handle all this nonsense, it's probably Joe. Plumbers are used to wading around in --- well you get the idea.