From Deltona, Florida, we have a possible candidate for Father of the Year.

According to the Associated Press, a man heard strange noises coming from his daughter's bedroom. Like any good father, he grabbed a metal pipe and went to investigate. When he opened the bedroom door he discovered a naked stranger standing on his daughter's bed. It took the dad about 30 seconds to go Buford Pusser on that boy's rear end. The unidentified father popped the offender once in the head and then chased him out the front door --- and called the cops.

Now this is where the story gets interesting. It seems the naked stranger was his teenage daughter's boyfriend and the pair had been getting "nekkid" for more than a year. And by "nekkid" I don't mean "naked." For you Methdists out there -- naked is what you get when you take a shower. Nekkid means you should probably take a shower -- a cold one.

So who do you suppose the cops carted off to jail? You've got it folks. Daddy Dearest is now facing aggravated battery on a child charges. He bonded out on $10,000. Meanwhile, the boy is recovering from his butt-kickin'. Doctors had to staple his head back together.

Let's review the facts, ladies and gentlemen. A man discovers a stranger in his own home -- doing Lord knows what to his daughter --- and he's the one who gets thrown in jail.

We'll have to follow this case through the court system. Meantime, I bet it's safe to say the teenage lovebirds will think long and hard the next time they decide to tussel in the sheets.