Last night's MTV Video Music Awards turned into a vicious attack on President Bush, Gov. Sarah Palin and teenagers who are pledging to stay virgins until marriage. Folks, this is just insane.

British comedian Russell Brand hosted the show and launched into a tirade calling the president a "retard cowboy." He also said delivered a crude joke about Gov. Sarah Palin. And it gets worse. Throughout the show he insulted and hurled lewd accusations and jokes at the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers are born-again Christians. Their father is a former pastor. All three of the boys wear purity rings -- an outward sign of their pledge to remain pure until they get married. At one point, Brand pulled out a ring suggesting he had stolen one of the boy's virginity.

The night was so outrageous that American Idol star Jordin Sparks came to their defense.

"Not everyone wants to be a slut," Sparks said when she got on stage. Later she told an entertainment magazine someone had to put Brand in his place. You go, girl! It's just a shame that a teenage girl was the only person in the audience with enough common sense to say what should have been said.

MTV executives could've pulled the plug on this guy -- but they did not. They allowed this shameful act to continue and subjected three Christian teenage boys to national humiliation.

As you might imagine, Mr. Brand's utter contempt for our nation and teenage virgins was a hit with the national media. The Associated Press thought it was a great show (although they did acknowledge the "retard" line was over the top.)

Anyway, we can only hope Mr. Brand returns to England for good. And hopefully, the next time he goes through customs, the TSA agent will be a Jonas Brothers fan.
Good luck with that, Mr. Brand.