I was reading one of the nation's biggest newspapers the other day and discovered to my amazement that I'm an extremist!

That's right. Your's truly, born and bred in the South (of humble origins) is a dangerous extremist. What, you might be wondering, makes me an extremist? The answer, according to the newspaper, is a person who holds extreme ideas. And what, might you ask, would be an extreme idea? I'm so glad you asked.

An extremist, according to media accounts over the past few days, is anyone who happens to be an evangelical Christian -- a person who believes in protecting the rights of the unborn -- and (brace yourself for this one) anyone who believes God actually created the heavens and the Earth. I know, I know. That last one really puts me over the top.

Folks, several weeks ago I warned you about the unstoppable attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin's religious faith. The articles and the anti-Christian onslaught has been breathtaking. The elitists tried to do the same thing with Gov. Mike Huckabee. Interestingly enough, these same elitists gave Senator Barack Obama's pastor a virtual pass -- until Sean Hannity and others forced them into action with the infamous God **** America sermon.

So why does the national media take a pass on the other candidate's religious faith and go after Palin's? We didn't see story after story on Joe Lieberman's Jewish faith, did we? We haven't seen story after story on Joe Biden's Catholicism. Nor should we. I believe journalists should apply the same standards the set for Catholic and Jewish politicians and stop these unfounded attacks on evangelical Christian politicians. Now, that, my friends, would be extreme.