From Houston to Memphis, some Hurricane Gustav evacuees are upset with their plight. Local newspapers are reporting a flood of complaints about conditions at temporary shelters. One lady was bothered because volunteers served sandwiches. What was she expecting -- surf and turf? I'm so terribly sorry our wine list wasn't to your liking.

Another was offended by the accomodations.

I'm pretty sure sleeping on a cot inside an air-conditioned gymnasium beats the heck out of clinging to the roof of your home for three days.

It's an evacuation center people -- not the Courtyard Marriott.

Apparently, a free ride out of town wasn't good enough for some New Orleanians. Perhaps now is a good time to mention that taxpayer dollars covered the costs of the planes, trains and automobiles that ushered evacuees to safety.

But even that's not good enough. A Houston newspaper is reporting that some evacuees are demanding the government provide them with gas money. Gas money? Gas money?

Why don't we just give them an advance on their allowance?