We could have only hoped the national media would have treated Governor Palin's daughter with the same dignity and sensitivity they treated John Edward's affair.

We could have only hoped.

Am I the only one who feels disgusted by the way Bristol Palin's pregnancy is being turned into a political issue? Kudos to Senator Barack Obama for stating the obvious and saying it was a family matter and even he was offended by the coverage.

Nevertheless, certain sectors of the national media can't get enough of the story. Shouldn't presidential offspring be off limits? What's next -- an expose on whether the Obama children turned in their homework?

The media gave Chelsea Clinton a pass. They gave Amy Carter a pass. They didn't give the Bush twins a pass. Nor it seems will they give the kids of a possible Vice President Palin a chance. Hmm. I wonder why?

At one time there was a code of honor among journalists. They kept the private lives of our elected officials private -- unless their personal life interfered with their ability to govern.

I sure do miss those days. Nowadays, a presidential candidate's bowel movements can make the front page of the newspaper.

The New York Times featured three front page stories on a teenage girl's out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Could someone explain to me why? They gave John Edwards a pass for months. And this was a guy who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife.

Last week I told a colleague -- be prepared. They are going to go after Sarah Palin and tear apart her family and her faith. Gov. Palin is an evangelical Christian. She's pro-life. She's pro-family and she believes in God's plan for this nation. Now, journalists are investigating her involvement in the Assemblies of God. For crying out loud, some reporters are treating her church membership like she was committing a crime.

What's wrong with going to church? What's wrong with owning a gun? What's wrong with eating meat?

I can just hear it now:

Global News Network has learned that Candidate X attends a church that drinks the blood of Christ. This reporter personally witnessed the candidate dip a small wafer of bread into a cup of blood and swallow it. Afterwards, the candidate joined others in a cult-like singing of a "Power in the Blood of Jesus." We have also confirmed Candidate X submitted herself to follow a mythological diety, leading us to suspect the candidate may in fact be a practicing --- Christian or at the very least a bitter American."

Is this really about Gov. Palin's daughter or is this about something else?

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, can't we find some sort of common ground on what we really need to know about our presidential candidates? Because right now -- I think we've got an honest-to-goodness case of "way too much information."