Folks, it's been a very long and crazy day in the Big Easy. I'll be blogging later tonight. I've had a number of setbacks. My Blackberry died during live coverage of the hurricane. I was going reporting in 70 mph winds while hanging onto a lamp post. the Blackberry became submerged in my yellow weather gear. My camera also passed away.

Our hotel lost cable and Internet access -- so I tipped a bartender $20 to let me use his wireless service.

During our anchored coverage, I heard a huge commotion across the hallway from my 14th floor hotel room. I opened the door and heard the wind howling through the hallway. Debris had smashed the windows in the room across from mine. No one was inside, but it's a mess.

The Fox crew is just fine. We're pretty water-logged and Hurricane Gustav is far from the "Mother of all Storms."

I'm about to head out and survey the damage -- will keep you posted on what I find.

I do know Cafe Du Monde, St. Louis Cathedral and the Super Dome escaped with nary a scratch.

Until later!