Homeowners in Jefferson Parish have a message for looters --- about 80 percent of the locals have guns, they know how to use them, and they will.

I was on my way to check out the situation in St. John the Baptist Parish when I saw a huge crowd at a gun store near Armstrong International Airport. I pulled in and discovered that folks are putting their right to bear arms to good use.

There were about a dozen people stocking up on ammo and purchasing guns. One of the store clerks told me they've had a steady stream of business since Wednesday.

People here are worried about looters -- and rightfully so. During Hurricane Katrina, these thugs broke into homes and made off with tens of thousands of dollars in private property.

And that's why some homeowners tell me they are not evacuating. Instead, they plan to defend their property. One guy told me he has a "shoot to kill" policy. He assured me that if a thug decides to step foot on his property --- he won't have to worry about being a repeat offender.

There you have it. Looters beware! The folks in Jefferson Parish may very well bust a cap in your ... well -- you get the idea.