I'll be blogging and twittering throughout Hurricane Gustav. Right now, it's a cloudy day in the Big Easy -- even though the storm is hundreds of miles away. Last night, I took a stroll down Bourbon Street --- not many folks wandering around. And that's a shocker. Friday night in the French Quarter, and hardly anyone around. 

It seems that most people are taking the storm very seriously. Folks are already hoarding lumber, protecting their homes and getting to higher ground.

As for my own accomodations -- well -- our hotel in downtown New Orleans is being evacuated. I do have a lead on another hotel that's decided to weather the storm. At the worst, I'll be camped out in the lobby with my handy sleeping bag.

And this note --- Armstrong International Airport is shutting down on Sunday. The last flight out of town is 6 p.m.

More coming later -- I'm heading over to Cafe de Monde.