I'm in New Orleans preparing for Hurricane Gustav. I'm staying on the 12th floor of the W Hotel on Poydras Street. However, I won't be here for long. I just received a telephone call from the front desk and our hotel is now being evacuated.

I'm frantically trying to find shelter in another hotel. I understand there is at least one hotel in the French Quarter that will remain open. I've got Fox New York working on the problem.

In the meantime, the evacuation of New Orleans is underway. Buses in the Central City are transporting people to Memphis.

Here's the big challenge for state leaders -- this storm is so big it's going to impact most of the Bayou State. Baton Rouge and Lafayette are also in the bulls-eye.

I'll be blogging and twittering through the weekend with new information.

One thing is certain though -- you can bet I will be in the eye of this storm wherever and whenever it makes landfall. Be sure to sign up for twittering and facebook updates!