Getting an interview with Democratic bigwigs is pretty much a measure of luck and planning -- but it's mostly luck. During Hillary Clinton's speech, I was trying to scout out Bill Clinton (who was hanging out with the New York delegation). That's when I spotted Senator Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, in their Pepsi Center box. I squeezed through a crowd of wall-to-wall people, and eventually made my way to the box -- about 20 feet to Biden's left. That's when I spotted Michelle Obama.

She was sitting to Biden's left and I had direct line of sight. That's it, I decided. I'm going to make my move. I was following Hillary Clinton's speech on my Blackberry and in the waning moments, as people began to applaud, I jumped over one of the arena seats and lunged towards the box. At the sam time, I was yelling into my microphone back to our producers in New York that I had Michelle Obama and I was going to shout out some questions.

I snapped a photo hoping the light would catch her eye. It worked like a charm. She briefly looked my way, I thrust the Fox News Radio microphone towards her and hollered, "Michelle, what'd you think about Hillary?"

"Wonderful speech," she said. I asked her to repeat what she said and she replied, "It was fantastic." I was about to ask her if she and Hilary had made up, but Secret Service agent lumbered over and shoved me out of the way.

But I was a happy -- and got just what we needed -- an elusive comment from a possible First Lady. My work for the night was done.