One of the rules to popping the big question, is to find a location that is both romantic and memorable. For most guys, it's a special restaurant or a park. But for Ruben Gallego, that special location was the Democratic National Convention.

I was watching a tribute to Ted Kennedy with the Massachusett's delegation to the convention when a guy bumped into me. He asked if I could make room so he could bend down. Naturally, I obliged and then asked if he'd lost something.
He shook his head and quickly turned his attention to a young lady across the aisle in the Arizona delegation. I watched as Ruben pulled out a jewelry box, got down on bended knee and proposed to the girl of his dreams.

Their fellow delegates stood and applauded. Some had posters made for the occasion. Ruben pulled out one heck of a rock and as he presented it to Katharine, she clasped her hands and wept. And then -- she said yes.
It was a magical moment.
Ruben is a patriot. He served our country in the Marines and saw the war first-hand in Fallujah. And while Ruben was defending our nation, Katharine waited patiently at home.
And soon -- they will become man and wife.

Blessings to Ruben and Katharine --- delegates from the great state of Arizona. May you have a wonderful life together.