Fox News Radio is working out of Braun's Bar and Grill, located just across from the Pepsi Center. This is central operations for all of the Fox entities, including Fox News Channel and Fox News Dot Com.

When you are watching our shows or listening to our reports, they are originating from this massive facility. The tech crews have done an amazing job transforming this bar into a working newsroom and broadcast center.

My workspace is just behind the main television set. If you look closely, you can see me under Alan Colmes' armpit during Hannity & Colmes.

And the bar staff prepares incredible meals around the clock. Last night, I met one of the chefs -- he goes by the name of Smiley. Folks, Smiley prepared one of the best ham glazes I've had in Denver. Of course, this is only my second time in Denver, sooo.
Included in the photos below: Mary Ann Marsh, she's a democratic strategist, Greta, and a host of Fox News Radio anchors and staff.