Barack Obama's campaign rally is ending. We're in Chesapeake, VA and this rally has been electric. Folks inside Oscar Smith High School are pumped up. They've been shouting, waving their hands and dancing in the bleachers.

Obama has really been energized by the crowd -- tossing around one-liners and having lots of fun. He called down one guy for talking on his cell phone. "Now you'll really have something to tell your wife," he said. The man replied, "It's not my wife." The crowd went Jerry Springer! "Uh oh," said Obama. "What's she going to say when she sees this on tv?"

A local caterer provided dinner to the traveling press corps -- barbecue -- again. Some newcomers to the barbecue world were not terribly impressed with the vinegar-based barbecue they eat in these parts. The brownies were pretty darned tasty.

From here, we'll travel by bus to Norfolk. The campaign airplane will jet us over to Chicago where I'll be stationed until Saturday. More coming in the morning from the Windy City!