Bad guys might want to think twice before breaking into homes in Cleveland, Tenn. The homeowners there are locked, loaded and keep their powder dry.

The other day, James Stone came home to find a leg sticking out of his garage. It turns out a guy was breaking into his home. So James did what any law-abiding Southerner would do. He opened the glove box in his car, pulled out a pistol, and went after the bad guy.

Mr. Stone resisted the temptation to bust a cap in the offender. Instead, he did the neighborly thing and called cops.

"I love it when a homeowner apprehends a criminal like that," Sheriff Tim Gobble told local media.

Now -- in places like New York City -- Mr. Stone would've been hauled off to jail and the thief would've been treated like a victim. But folks down South have their priorities in order.

The sheriff went out of his way to commend the 64-year-old homeowner. "He has a right to defend himself," he told one local television station.

"This homeowner responded very well, held him until we could get there and take him into custody and back up the homeowner."

"The bad guy is a convicted felon, out on parole. Anybody surprised? And he may be connected to some gangs in nearby Chattanooga.

Congratulations, Mr. Stone. You, sir, are a great American. Now let's hope the justice system doesn't regurgiate this repeat offender back on society.